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Company History

You can find detailed information about Dubb Restaurants on this page.

We combine our recipes with taste and comfort.

  • 1998


    Dubb Restaurants was founded by Mehmet Aras in March 1998 with the aim of adding value to the food and beverage industry, creating a corporate structure in the industry and bringing a new vision to the industry. The main purpose is to present the guests by blending the eating and drinking habits, architectural understanding and service understanding of different cultures in an unusual way.

  • 2005


    In response to the demands arising from the development of tourism in our country and the rise of the Indian market, Indian cuisine catering service started to be provided for all scales.

  • 2009


    Dubb's second branch (Dubb Ethnic) wasn't just about India. We added Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Thai cuisines and presented them to our guests with a perspective that is not available in our country. The more colorful and intense Dubb Indian is, the simpler Dubb Ethnic is. In the second branch, which was opened in the historical white wooden mansion, you can see the eating and drinking habits of many different cultures in a very harmonious way.

  • 2014


    After presenting the demand for Asian cuisine from Dubb's point of view, Dubb Kebab Restaurant was established to properly introduce kebab varieties, one of the symbols of Turkish cuisine, to the guests coming from abroad. Dubb Kebab, which proved that the understanding of kebab is not only about meat, but that vegetarian options are also compatible with kebab, has become the choice of not only foreigners but also local guests, as in other branches.

  • 2016


    Dubb Indian Bosphorus Restaurant, which was recently opened on the top floor of the Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus Hotel, is Dubb's fourth branch. Dubb Indian Bosphorus, which has a colorful character as in the first branch, also has a modern architecture. Dubb Indian Bosphorus is one of the best ethnic and fine-dining restaurants in the country, serving the Bosphorus from its best vantage point during the winter months and serving in the garden area intertwined with nature during the summer months.

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